annie likes to push limits, ignore reprimand, and chart her own path.  in other words, she is the 3rd child.  kevin and i have unique appreciation for her personality seeing as we are both also the youngest of 3 kids and perhaps have a little in common with annie.

today in one of her less glamorous acts of defiance, she pretended to not hear kevin's warnings to beware of the front flower bed and marched decidedly into a cactus.  now if this was my first rodeo i'd probably convince myself that this experience will perhaps encourage her to heed our advice more often in the future, but i would be fooling myself.

as it is, i tried to remind her we have her best interest in mind as i used tweezers to pull out each cactus tine from her baby skin.  sweet annie.  i know this is not the last time you will get hurt when the danger seems to clear to us in advance.  being a parent is tough stuff.

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