eve is in a codependent relationship with two fingers on her left hand.  it is simultaneously adorable and disgusting.  she will literally pet livestock moments before shoving those things back into her mouth.  but gosh she looks awfully cute.

the dentist as well as other health professionals have recommended we assist her in ending this habit.  it is just SO EVE that i haven't had the heart to break her of it.  i do ask her to take the fingers out from time to time but they are subconsciously re-inserted within minutes.

enter that yucky tasting nail polish my mother put on my nails to help me stop biting them.  my memories of the stuff is mainly how it used to make my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches taste rancid.  i've had a bottle of it on the counter for a week and just couldn't bring myself to use it until this morning.

eve hasn't sucked on her fingers all day!  i wasn't sure if i believed her but i haven't seen her do it.  i asked her if they tasted like a skunk and she said 'i don't know!  i haven't tasted them!' so in my disbelief i licked her fingernail.  HOLY MISTAKE.  that stuff is just as nasty as i remembered.

so here is sweet eve doing a mime of her finger sucking to satiate her desire for now.  we'll see how it goes at bedtime!


Elisa B said...

I have a 3.5 yr old thumb sucker. what's the stuff called???

mollie said...

It's called 'mavala

Kelly said...

I remember the taste, too! I just sucked it off my thumb though. Best of luck to all of you!

Staci said...

aww! this picture reminds me of aidric. when the pedi told him he should try to stop sucking his thumb, he would sit on the couch watching a show, with his thumb NEXT to his mouth and his mouth moving in a sucking motion. he told me he was "pretending" to suck his thumb!

Unknown said...

My kid did this until he was 8 years old. He finally stopped when he thought he'd get made fun of if anyone found out about it. I couldn't bring myself to stop him because it was something that comforted me at night because I could hear him sucking his fingers in his own room. I will say that he was always sick, typically with strep. Doc said that contributed to it. But that's a hard one to break.