seven years ago today i gained a new identity.  i became 'mommy'.  though she wouldn't call me that for nearly another 12 months, my whole life changed that day and nothing has ever been the same.  i would not say that most of motherhood has come easily to me.  i have so much respect for the role of 'mom' that i often truly feel overwhelmed often by the gravity of the responsibility of it all.  i question my choices, i make mistakes, i ask for forgiveness.  we have fun, we laugh hard, we hold hands. 

and she is the one who started all of this, my lily margaret.  seven years of all of this.  seven years of both of us learning more about ourselves, each other, our world.  i haven't ever met a child like lily.  she is equal parts artist and perfectionist.  her exacting standards for herself are impressive and impossible.  her ideas are inventive.  her friendships are enviable.  her energy is endless.  her art is stunningly original.  her compassion is inspiring.  her love is my muse. 

i am so thankful for my birthday girl.  i love you lily.

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