you are

i learned to love music with a hairbrush in my hand, dancing on the couch, singing at the top of my lungs to my mom's lionel richie albums on the record player.

for the past 10 years my mom and i have called each other every single time our favorite 'you are' is playing anywhere.  i seriously stop in my tracks when it comes over the speakers in the grocery store and dial her up.  it will forever make me think of her hip-shaking side-step dance that she does to pretty much any song written before 1985.

she was a die hard commodores fan long before he was 'lionel' and i may have an
unnatural love for his crooning due to early life indoctrination.  so when my sister called to say his 'greatest hits' tour was coming to austin we immediately bought tickets and surprised her for mother's day.  for the past week my car has been a non stop playing ground for all things lionel- brick house, easy like sunday morning, dancing on the ceiling.  non. stop.
the long awaited concert was last night and it did not disappoint.  lionel was f
unny, charming, adorable, and very very sweaty. (hey, its texas in july, what did he expect??)  when about 2 bars of 'you are' played over the speakers i literally screamed and jumped out of my seat and we hugged and swayed and laughed and just drank in the moment.  it was amazing.  and will probably be one of my favorite nights with my sister and my mom that i ever have.

just as i was about to post on facebook about my moment, i had a sharp twinge in my heart.  one of my best friends was mourning 19 years without her mother yesterday.  i was not only overwhelmed in the hilarious wonderfulness of the lionel concert, but by how blessed i am not only to have my mom with me to sing and dance to 'you are' but for every step along the way for the past 36 years.  

i love you mom.


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