i was not entirely on board with the decision to move to at&t and jump on the iphone bandwagon, but since the girls gifted kevin with a brand new iphone for father's day, i reluctantly gave up my google phone and left t-mobile behind.

so i'll admit it... this is one pretty darn amazing phone. it really does blow the google phone out of the water in a lot of ways. one of my favorite features is the video camera- the quality is awesome and you can upload to youtube in seriously a matter of seconds!

here are two from today, but don't be surprised if you see a lot more videos of the girls on here! pardon my loud obnoxious voice in the first one. kevin is right, i AM loud!


Cindy said...

This made my day. I thought about you the other week, Matthew was in the hospital, it was NO fun. I just remember Lilly and her meningitis episode. Life goes on, he's at home doing great now.

Anonymous said...

yay! glad you love the iphone! your girls are adorable and little lily's voice is precious!!

Deb said...

so are you selling your google phone by chance?


mollie said...

totally! i've only had the google phone since november!