it has been brought to my attention from a loyal reader and friend that i neglected to shout from my blog mountain top that my sister is PREGNANT with TWINS!! (thanks murff!!)

my sweet sister (also known as auntie e) and her husband mike have been blessed with twins that will rock their world this winter. her official due date is january 1st but anything post-thanksgiving would be a fabulous time to make their debut.

i posted a few pictures of her growing bump on my photography blog, but in case you missed them, here she is in all her twin pregnancy glory at 10 weeks. many many more updates to come!


Kelly C. said...

Congrats to your family! What a blessing! And such a lovely photo. I'm sure you will be a big support to her.

-A frequent reader of your blog and lurker from the Nest, also due 1/1/10!

SuziGibbs said...

Congrats to her, what fun! My SIL has twins, there is a fabulous mothers of multiples group in Austin.
-Suzi in Houston, another nestie lurker, also due 01/01/10 :)

Anonymous said...

awww, she looks adorable!! how great for you all!

ShallowVal from MC

Heather, Brett and Annika said...

That is Amazing! I am so happy for her!

Lisa said...

congrats to your whole family! those are some lucky little babies. :)