just a few pictures i managed to get while staci and i were dealing with two toddlers, two infants, a few tears, 1 scraped knee, some laughs, yummy pizza, and candy!

window shopping

strike a pose

stinker and grumpy face

petting the horse :)

the breeze feels great

waiting for homeslice pizza to open

metal tables make the best sounds! (i love her cheeks in this one)

wondering when the candy store opens

really wanting the candy store to open

seriously, when does the candy store open?

gorgeous, dahling

yay for the candy store! (love the identical poses)


Staci said...

talk about laughing out loud- that picture with the glasses is cracking me up. what a fun stressful outing =)

Richard and Sarah said...

i love these. thanks for some cute pics of my nephew!

Amanda said...

hi mollie - i'm a fellow nestie and have been following your blog here and there. congrats on the new baby!! both of your girls are so BEAUTIFUL! =) your blog is so inspirational to me in so many ways. i know you probably get asked this all of the time but can you please recommend a digital slr and lens for a beginner photographer? a nikon or canon? thanks so much!!! btw, your pix are so amazing!! i wish you were local. =(