lily's beach party birthday bash was a big hit! she still has one more day until she is officially twoooooo (as she says it) but we had friends over yesterday to celebrate. here are a few pics from the day. more on flickr

its my party and i'll wear a tutu over my bathingsuit if i want to...

giggles with e

giggles with grandma and daddy

octopus cupcakes in sand

issac pinch hits the candle blowout

aidric and kyla love cupcakes


are toddlers allowed to be this gorgeous??

GaGa and lil

the happiest sam on the block

aidric has really embraced the beach theme

cutest juliet i know

presents, presents, presents!!!


klp said...

what fun pictures of a great party. looks like a great time...and lily, i love the tutu. happy birthday, little lady! i can't BELIEVE you are two!

Elizabeth said...

From Henry--Happy Birthday Lily! So glad you've joined us big kids in the 2 year old category. A couple of warnings. 1. My mom tried to tell me that I'm a big boy because I'm 2 so I'm not allowed to whine. I reject this. It is a lie. Do not believe it. I've looked it up and there is no law stating this. So whine away. 2. There may be discussion of something called a "potty". Apparently it is some type of chair in a small room. As far as I can tell, they are expecting us to stop playing and go in the room to do our business. This seems silly to me. Why do we want to stop playing? Maybe you will be inticed by pretty panties...I hope you hold out.
Peace out, pretty Lily! Give you Mommy a hug from my Mommy.
Phillips out.