if you ask lily what a kitty cat says she responds 'eeeoowwmm!! eeoowwmm!!' i LOVE it. not only because its totally lily, but because she is right! it sounds much more like a cat than 'meow' :)

everyone seems intent on teaching her 'meow' much to my chagrin, so i decided to get her on record this morning with my trusty iphone in case the days of 'eowm' are numbered.

you'll also note she wanted to put a skirt on with her pajamas this morning and got a haircut yesterday! :)


Elizabeth said...

Very sweet. Henry believes all cows are cheerleaders--as in they say "Woo. Wooooooo." And for some reason, he is convinces that pigs, like gators, say "Chomp Chomp Chomp."

mandie lane said...

Anderson found this video highly entertaining. As did his mother.

klp said...

hi-larious. and gosh dang, she is cute.

oh, and LOVE the pics up top of the girls, too!