when we were at gaga & moon's house, lily loved playing with their dogs, patsy and artie. they were very sweet to humor her :)

and a few of miss eve of course

i'd also like to add the disclaimer that despite the number of band-aids on my child, she is not injured. she developed a strong liking to dora band-aids when we were at their house due to the fact that

a) she can get the box out of gaga's cabinet herself
b) she liked the idea of dora sleeping with her in an unfamiliar place

the band-aids in question have of course lost their stickyness and fallen off, which was very distressing to miss lily. she acted like she was leaving the house yesterday and when i asked her where she was going she answered 'to the grocery store to buy band-aids'.


johnwaire | photo said...

my daughter mady was a total dora band-aid addict as well :) ahhh...it's the little things in life. great photos mollie.

Bridgett said...

Too stinkin cute! Lily and Kendall would get along great.