the slightly hilarious and often embarrassing things lily has said this week:

me: what two 'friends' (referring to her giant stuffed animal collection) would you like to take with us to visit GaGa and Moon?

lily: ummm..... baby eve and.....

me: yes lily, we will be bringing baby eve.

(lily heads for the door upon waking and realizing her last dora band-aid from GaGa has fallen off)

me: where are you going, lil?

lily: to the grocery store to buy bandaids.

(pointing at a girl drinking a fruit smoothie at the gym)

lily: is that a beer??

(eating tacos for dinner, lily picks up shredded cheese)

lily: what's that mommy? (pause) Cheese!!!

repeat 100x

(seeing me touching up the shave on my bikini line before donning my bathing suit)

lily: mommy's shaving her BOTTOM!

(reading a book before bedtime, seeing a picture of a family saying a blessing before dinner)

me: look lily! they are praying before dinner like mommy, daddy, and lily do every night!

lily: shhhh! they're sleeping (pointing to their closed eyes)

me: no, lil, their eyes are closed because they are praying

lily: shhhhh!!!


amy said...

one of your best posts ever! Lily is too cute!

Lisa said...

I LOVE the things they say right now. So fun!!!

The Lunoff Adventures said...

Awesome! I'm still trying to figure out how to explain to 2 year old Hannah that every African American woman isn't "Oprah". :)