where do i begin? i'm so behind on an update! we've had a few crazy weeks around here, but we're all still in one piece. well, after surgery we're all in one piece.

kevin had a freak accident with a drinking glass. he fought the glass and the glass won. one surgery later, his foot seems to be on the road to recovery and i actually witnessed a toe-wiggle yesterday, so it seems that movement has been restored. seriously, who has to have surgery to repair the damage done by a water glass?! we do!

so if you're using your imagination, you'll realize this means the baby-daddy has been on crutches for two weeks. let's just say we're both ready for him to be able to...say... hold a child while walking? :)

this happened right as i launched head first into the holiday season with work. from now till the end of the year i am busy busy and at some point in the next 7 weeks my sister is going to birth those babies, so life is FULL.

some days full means good and some days full means i want to cry by 7am and hide until christmas. in the meantime, lily continues to cultivate her hilarious personality. the latest developments include talking in full sentences (me: 'lily do you want to go to the park?' lily: 'yes mommy, i do want to go to the park)

i also caught my first glance of lily-as-instigator when i spied on her class during naptime the other day. hopefully i'll have time to recount the story for you this weekend. right now its 7am, i just finished nursing, i can hear lily already singing to herself in the next room, and i think i'm going to throw on some shoes and take the girls to get donuts while kevin sleeps in.

here's hoping full means good today :)

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Anonymous said...

That does sounds crazy! Here's to some good days and speedy recovery to your husband.