as i was just spending my friday evening hard boiling eggs (oh the excitement of motherhood) i turned to kevin and said 'okay, so the story is, we're dying the eggs and leave them for the easter bunny and he comes and hides them and leaves the girls baskets with candy.'

he just looked at me and said 'what??'

i said, 'i'm getting our story straight for tomorrow, that's what happens right?'

seriously it sounded so absurd when i said it out loud that for a moment i thought maybe i had it wrong somehow...

i'll be back with a full report on monday with how many pieces of clothing or funiture we ruin with easter egg dye.

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Elizabeth Phillips said...

You know, I've never really thought about it. I mean, do we really care about the Easter Bunny? He's not as cool as Santa. As Henry pointed out the other day, he doesn't even have many good songs. But that sure sounds like fun...What time do have to wake up to make all that happen before church?!?