one thing i adore about lily is how much she loves her family. i actually showed her a picture of me, kevin, lily, and eve and said 'look its your family!' and she said 'no!! so many people are missing!' and proceeded to list her entire extended family.

this picture of her older cousin lucy holding her really makes me smile. lucy was so proud to be able to pick her up and lily LOVED being picked up.

note: lily is wearing tap shoes that she got out of an awesome bag of hand-me-downs that lucy brought over and hasn't taken them off much since!


Anonymous said...

two beautiful granddaughters! i couldn't be more proud! gaga

Melissa said...

This photo is absolutely precious. Lily is such a character. She reminds me of my daughter Ella. Your photos are always incredible and your girls are so lucky to have a mama like you to capture their daily lives.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I love that comment about "so many people are missing!" That's exactly how I want our kids to see our family. What a blessing to have that for our kids. :)