i remember going to buy lily a 'big sister' book when i was pregnant with eve. she loved it, she still loves it. we hadn't read it in a while and she picked it out tonight for her bedtime story.

i pulled eve and lily onto the bed to read it all together. i read the page:

the baby is too little to walk.
the baby is too little to talk.
the baby is too little to play with toys.
the baby is too little to little to eat pizza or apples or ice cream.

then i said 'lily is eve a baby?' and she nodded 'yes'. i asked, 'does she walk, talk, play with toys and eat pizza?' and a puzzled nod followed.

i said 'she's not a baby anymore is she?'

lily called out 'awwwwwww!!!!!' and gave eve a huge hug.

even my 3 year old is nostalgic.


amy said...

Awww...that is so sweet!

nanann said...

SO Sweet!

The girls and I still love that book. Lately we've just substituted "baby cousin" for the baby since we aren't adding another to our family!

Lindsey said...

that is so sweet! We have that book too, love it. Ava still calls Parks, "baby Parks." We're going to have to drop the baby soon since he's walking, not drinking bottles ect. He's officially not a baby. they grow up too fast!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

Henry is in denial about Gracie's loss of baby status. I tried to get him to call her a liitle girl or toddler, but alas, we had to compromise with big baby. Also, don't you think it is about time for another bump shot for those of East of the Mississippi?!