more life lessons for miss lily. i have a feeling this is still just the tip of the iceberg.

as you have seen from time to time, lily has some serious style. the other day she had dressed herself in a purple shirt, khaki skirt, one knee-high pink sock & one knee-high gray sock with brown shoes. we were at the park and another little girl a few swings down started pointing at lily calling out 'that's funny!' and laughing.

lily looked bewildered for a second, then an expression crossed her face that broke my heart. i watched her cross her legs to try to block her mismatched socks from view and she sheepishly looked up to me for direction. i was quick to say 'sweetheart i love you and i love your socks'.

to be fair, the other girl wasn't intending to be mean, just had a genuine reaction. but seeing my baby be self-conscious for the first time was more than sad. it really made me dread her getting older and being more concerned with what others think.

her amazing dad sat her down at home and gave her a pep talk 'if other people don't like something we like, that's their problem! if YOU like your socks, that is all that matters to me.'

i'm sure lily hasn't given that moment another thought but i'm not sure i'll ever forget the look on her face and her little crossed legs on the swings.


nanann said...

ahhhh, that's the kind of thing that breaks a mother's heart for sure.

Abi' K. said...

Call it pregnancy hormones or what you will, but this story made me cry like a baby...I am days away from this happening to my tender hearted, creative in her style little Dorothy. Hang in there Momma...you do a great job of parenting.

Staci said...

aww, that just broke my heart a little!! sweet lily...the cool kids are all going to want to be friends with her in hopes that her style will rub off on them =)

Melissa said...

Oh I have tears in my eyes! Poor Lily:( And her daddy is very right! That was a sweet pep talk.

Ali Foley Shenk said...

I LOVE that she is confident in her own style and I hate that that was called into question even though the girl meant well. I got teary-eyed just reading about it! I think you handled it perfectly, though.