annie will grow up either loving or hating 'smooth criminal'. judging by the number of adaptations we've come up with today alone, i'm guessing it will be the latter.

versions today included:

annie are you poopy? are you poopy...are you poopy, annie?

annie are you smiling? are you smiling...at your mommy, annie?

annie where's your swaddle? your swaddle...where's your swaddle, annie?

on one hand i would feel genuinely terrible keeping her from what could be a true love of all things michael jackson, but on the other hand i could be preventing her from getting into a lot of trouble with her mama's p.y.t. dance from college. its really a toss up.


klp said...

all i know is that i will never, ever, as long as i live hear PYT without getting a smile on my face, along with a vision of you dancing in my mind. glorious. love.

Erin Ivey said...

omg i love you!