lily is my little buddy. i think there are moments when we both miss the days when we could just focus on each other. i had a bit of an overwhelming day today and after kevin bathed the girls and she was in her nightgown i just decided lily and i needed some time together.

i asked her to go on a treasure hunt with me and she immediately yelled 'YES!' and grabbed a bowl (to carry all of the treasures in of course)

while she grabbed the bowl, i grabbed my camera.

a few pics- click to see them bigger

she jumped right in to the spirit of the walk- even dubbing a part of the journey an 'enchanted forest' where we weren't allowed to talk. i am so happy that the days are getting longer and the weather has warmed up. we both needed this. big time.


Jackie said...

what fun. i feel that way with cassidy too & she only has one little sibling to share attention with so far. hope the weather holds out for you this week so you can get some much need time in the sun.

Lisa said...

Adorable! You are so blessed, Mollie!