it's been another wild one around here. i'll catch you up with some of the notable happenings this week:

- eve got a fever, but managed to smile and charm her way through it. no shock there.
- lily got a fever, but managed to moan and groan her way through it. no shock there.
- annie slept through the night three days in a row. fingers crossed for her new habit.
- lily started quoting movies including using an affectation to her voice. perhaps she is my child after all.
- i quoted a movie to a friend on facebook essentially saying her daughter had a gigantic head and then hoped she would recognize the movie and not think i was a jerk. (i vacillated between feeling crappy she might not get it and thinking surely any sarcastic friend of mine was familiar with the complete works of mike myers. she got the joke. whew.)
- eve got a twin mattress and her instinctual reaction was to climb on board, snuggle under her duvet and call out 'oooh! cozycozycozycozy!'
- lily was allowed to go to the bathroom at the grocery store alone while i waited outside the main door with the cart and two children. we were greeted less than a minute later by a poor screaming child who had just been scared to death by autoflush.

well that about sums it up. other than trips to the gym and park, not much else is going on around here. kevin is at the lakehouse for a boys weekend and i'm just homebound with my sickos. this lady is going to need a trip to barton springs on sunday when he gets home. ahhhh an afternoon at barton springs. now that's almost worth being alone with 3 kids all weekend :)


Whitney said...

It's a virtual planetoid...

It's like an orange on a toothpick...

All jokes that I made when my second was born. The kid has quite a noggin!

Anonymous said...

i laughed all the way through reading your blog! especially lily quoting movies!!! love, mom

AmberS said...

Ahhh, So I Married An Axe Murder, huh? Lol!! "Look at the size of that thing, it has it's own weather system!"

Kessler said...

this weekend we went to jump zone, the park, swimming and out for ice cream. the highlight of ava's weekend- flushing a public toilet "with my foot like mommy does!" i'm glad i'm not the only one whose public potty stories are big news. :)

Cindy said...

You make me laugh every day! A great gab for writing! Matthew hates the auto flush too ;0) Have a great week and hope your family gets well soon!

And print this blog and put it into a notebook for your kids, they will love looking back on this some day.