a real conversation in my kitchen last night.

m: i mean its just now june
k: well we're halfway through june, its almost july
m: its not ALMOST july! its just now june!
k: mollie, tomorrow is the 20th.
m: no its not (checking calendar).... wow.

seriously i feel like this just about sums up the summer so far. how is it almost july?!

i have dubbed this year 'the summer we stayed home'. we do have plans for a quick trip to dallas and a week(end) at the beach in august but other than that we are at home most days all day long. it is just too hard to get anywhere with a tiny baby along for the ride. especially when that baby is going to demand a nap in her cozy crib within about an hour of waking :)

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Anonymous said...

tell me about a quick summer! i had pneumonia for almost the first 2 weeks. i have 8 weeks left and about 12 weeks of chores!