debbie downer alert.  consider yourself warned.

casey bubba has cancer.  that's right the one and only c-c-c-casey bubb bba (to the tune of la la la la bamba)

as much as i have let that poor animal get on my nerves in the last few years, i have had some good cries about his diagnosis.  i remember clearly telling my sister before i got pregnant with lily that i was genuinely concerned i could never love anything, including a human baby, as much as i loved casey.

now of course i see the humor in that statement seeing as the relationships are not as similar as i once anticipated.  but it does stand to show you how devoted and doting i was.  the day we met in 2003, he was still a mere 4 year old pup and we wrestled till my arms were covered in harmless scratches.  i'm not sure who enjoyed it more- me homesick for the boxer at my parents' house, or casey who was probably used to his dad's girlfriends giving his 90 pound self the side-eye.

i have always been a little sad to have missed out on his true puppy-hood, though the stories i have heard scare me enough to want to an adopt an adult of whatever pet we have next.  the sheer energy and destruction (he ate a sofa once.  the whole thing.) baffle the mind.

'bubba' was in the top 5 first words for all 3 girls.  he was their first best friend.  his face licks have made each of them squeal with delight.  his tolerance of their ear grabs and petting (that seems more like a gentle beating) has increased with his age and annie is hopelessly devoted to him.

we have told the girls that casey is sick and will not be with us too much longer.  lily declared in the car yesterday 'oh i know!!  bubba will just wait for us at the house that God is building in heaven!  he will be so happy to see us when we get there!'

aaaand tears.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. It's never easy letting go of our four legged babies. It occurred to me the other day that our real boy will not really remember our fur boys, because they are both older and will probably pass before he's old enough to hold memories of his own. So hard to think that far ahead. Love him while you're got him and then let him go with his dignity in tact.

klp said...

crying. can't handle it. i'm still so sorry and cannot stop thinking about casey and all of you. love.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I can only imagine how hard this must be! Our pup, though relegated to last place in the priority line since the kids were born, is still a beloved member of the family. Thoughts and Prayers for your bubba - Kerrin G (random internet blog reader)

edmo said...

That is heartbreakingly sad. My two pups, although they drive me crazy barking while the baby naps or peeing on the floor to punish us for leaving them all day, can never die because it would devastate me, and because my kids don't know life without them.

Anonymous said...

I love Lily"s take on it. She certainly listens when you talk to her.It is hard to let the 4 legged child go, but when Patsy had cancer this spring, Moon did the best thing for Patsy. love, gaga

W said...

This totally made me tear up. So so sorry. My daughter's first word was our dog's name, too. At least they'll have those sweet memories.