i sat down with lily last night to read about the lord's supper.  she was inquisitive and full of questions about passover and why feet were so dirty during jesus' time.  we were having one of our first truly open engaged conversations about the bible.  she begged me to go on once Jesus was arrested to hear what happened next.

we read and read and i cried while i told her what happened to jesus.  she wiped away my tears and asked such great questions. we read on until easter and cheered for mary running as fast as she could to spread the news.

and it was a glimpse for me into this huge responsibility and privilege of guiding her faith.  and not in a song singing, church attending way.  in a heart posture, broken with jesus, cheering for mary magdelene's joy way.  what a gift.

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Kristin Vaughn said...

That is Awesome! I am at a similar place with my oldest, Benjamin. It really is a privilege to guide these little ones as they learn about their heavenly Father. It is a daily journey that I am so excited about. At the same time, it can be scary to parent these children who are growing up in such a broken world. I can't imagine doing it without the Lord!