there are moments when i see a characteristic of mine in one of my kids when i'm proud, times i'm embarrassed, but last night i had the unique feeling of pity for one of these inheritances.  i was reading a book to annie when eve and lily came in to join us.  annie and i were in the rocking chair and lily perched on one arm and eve stood on the other side. 

as we were reading eve realized she was the only person in the room with her feet on the ground and freaked out, yelling 'i don't like being the only one with my feet on the ground, i'm scared!' and jumping into my lap (and on top of her little sister in the process).  sweet eve!  i can relate to her scardey cat crazy tendencies because i used to have them.

and by 'used to', i mean still do.  i'm afraid of the dark.  i'm afraid of lakes.  the tiniest unexpected sound when alone basically makes me scream bloody murder.  when home or in a hotel without my husband i wash my face half at a time, you know... so i can keep one i open for monsters and murderers.  i made kevin put a mesh wire housing around the inside of the air conditioning vent over our bed because i was convinced a spider or bug would fall down onto my face in the middle of the night. i mean, i'm just getting started here.  i could keep going... trust me.

so to see this paralyzing ridiculousness passed on to my sweet eve made me a little bit sad for her, but at the same time chuckle.  because just when i think she couldn't be any more like me, she jumps onto a chair to get her feet off the ground.


L.S. said...

I'm sorry but I chuckled at your face washing habit. ;)

Anonymous said...

we constantly see these things with our son too. things that we are sure we haven't taught him, and then we are like wow he is just like us. some good - like having a really great sense of humor for a four year old. some bad - like suddenly becoming a nail biter (he comes from a long line of nail biters, myself included) and a totally irrational fear of bugs. and i can't help but laugh remembering a complete freak out when i was about 7 because i saw something on the news about killer bees - i was convinced they were coming for us! now i'm in the position of telling him how it's silly and there is nothing to worry about like my mom did for me (and still does!) :)