newsflash:  i'm getting old.

as kevin so sweetly pointed out, we are 16 years from our high school graduation and it is 16 years until annie's.  as if that didn't make me feel old enough, this week in austin is SXSW.

SXSW is a music festival (come film, interactive, yadda yadda) that i used to plan my entire spring around.  planning out parties to attend, concerts not to miss, and hitting the town looking for cute single guys was the order of the day.  i took off days of work and stayed out until all hours.  the concept of it sounds a little like torture to me now.

i'll try to take the girls to a few daytime kid-friendly shows, but i am worried that will feel mostly lame.  then again, my girls love to get their groove on at concerts, so perhaps they will keep me feeling young?

it is hard to feel young when you turn on the radio in the car and after the first few bars of a song think 'oooh is this a catchy new song' and before the thought is even complete in your mind you realize its an old rod stewart song.  yeah.  so like i said, i'm old.

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Anonymous said...

If their dancing at Senor Buddy's is any idea, I think they will love live entertainment!! Go Burpos go! love gaga