review: west elm rochester sleeper sofa

spoiler alert: its terrible.

the rochester sleeper sofa we waited on since may arrived today not only missing a cushion, but the 'bed' pulls out to a mattress that is 10" shorter than a queen. the bed is advertised as a queen pull out. ummmmmm its not. and on top of that the mechanics inside are a HOT MESS and you basically feel like you are going to fall through it and it sways back and forth when you touch it.

the local manager wanted them to send me a new one but i don't want a sofa of this quality. its TERRIBLE.  so they are picking it up today (thankfully) for a full return.  i'm incredibly disappointed as combining our offices and the guest room was one major pain point of downsizing and we still don't have a solution.

so anyway that's my review. stay away. FAR away.


Meegs said...

Have you tried looking into "click clack couches." They fold down into beds instead of pulling out. They tend to look really nice, while being a lot more comfortable in bed form.

Ashley B. said...

So disappointing! We are in search of a sofa sleeper since we live in a smaller home. Our den/office/guest room will need a good quality sofa.

2 Under 2 said...

Did you find a sleep sofa you can now recommend?