i've been wishing for a while that lily would sit still long enough to watch an episode of ANYTHING on television. i mean is 22 minutes too long to ask for peace and quiet??

she has slowly been taking to dora and usually in the morning when eve is napping i can get it to hold her attention long enough for me to clean the kitchen and get the day organized. this morning i pushed play on dora the explorer and dora was exclaiming 'say map! say map!'

lily threw her head over her shoulder indignantly and said 'i don't want to!!'

at least i'm not the only one she talks back to.


Courtney said...

Have you tried "Curious George"? Nate is OBSESSED with that show, and I don't know what I'd do without those 22 or 44 (who am I kidding, 88+) minutes of quiet time every day.

TV is like candy...too much is bad, but just a little bit is fun. And necessary to keep Mommy's sanity.

klp said...

LOL - like mother, like daughter, yes?? ; )