merry christmas and happy new year! well... i think that gets us all caught up :)

no? okay, let's see... we hosted my family for christmas in austin this year! hooray! it was our first christmas EVER to be in austin and at home on christmas morning. what a treat to not be travelling all day from house to house and sleep in our own beds. lily LOVED christmas morning and loved having lucy & charlie (and the gang) at our house opening presents.

there was a moment around 7:30am sitting on the floor in the livingroom in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in one hand, eve in my lap, lily playing with a toy from her stocking, and a fire in the fireplace that i just looked at kevin and said 'i love you'. it was my perfect christmas moment. i can't wait to have another one next year.

we went up to dallas to celebrate with kevin's family and so enjoyed catching up with them and watching lily play with her cousins. i got to visit with friends and see my favorite 3 month old, link.

now that we are back home, we're trying to settle into a routine again and i now understand why parents love it when school starts up again. i'm so glad lily has school today- i'm worn out! i'm already back in the thick of work and though i thought january would be a bit of down-time for me, its turning out quite busy! we are very blessed in so many ways and it has never been clearer than in the past few weeks.

the last tid bit that should bring you completely up to date would be that kevin and i started P90X last night and i can tell i'm going to be insanely sore later today. the host is unbearably in love with himself, so as long as we can stand that for 89 more days, i really am happy we are doing this together! not only is it an hour every day that we are hanging out (honestly, we don't always get an hour alone!!) but i'm happy to be attempting to reclaim a fraction of pre-baby fitness.

i'll be sure to post more about P90X as long as my fingertips aren't too sore to type.


Meg said...

You are much braver than I am! I've watched my husband do px90 and it scares me! haha!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too. I very much enjoy your blog and your photos (and photo tips) and I look forward to more in 2010.

shannon said...

there is a new walmart commerical out right now, and there is a little girl in a slig on her dad (just for a quick second) - and it looks so much like Lily (from what I've seen on your blog).

How's that for a random bit of info.

Happy new year.