the good the bad and the ugly.

its come to my attention through several formspring questions that i apparently come across as a laid back easy going mom that is just a joy to be married to.


okay, now that we have gotten my fits of laughter out of the way, let's get down to the nitty gritty. i think i just post about positive things! i feel like i vent some on here, but often feel silly complaining about my life when really the things that are difficult for me on a daily basis are fairly silly.

do i let my kids eat off questionable surfaces, such as the floor? um... yes its definitely happened. do i worry about them washing their hands? not so much. are their outfits often covered in random stains? sure.

so there is the laid back side of me.

do i lose my temper with my 2 1/2 year old when she is being stubborn? yes i certainly do. do i have to apologize to my children for exhibiting exactly the behavior that i am asking them to abstain from? yep, its happened more than once. do i work 40 hours a week while my children are sleeping so that i can spend their waking hours with them? i do, and i have no free time, little social life, and am overwhelmed a lot of the time. does my husband have to listen to me rant and rave about every little thing that is bugging me? why yes, he does and he patiently endures it without antagonizing me or raising his voice.

so there ya go. not so perfect, eh? just a gal doing her best. in fact i tell lily that often, 'mommy is really doing her best, i'm still learning too. can you try to do your best as well?' i'm usually met with a blank stare, but can you blame a girl for trying?


Neely said...

I think I <3 you even more now.

;) You rock, Molly, there is no denying it. :)

Teresa said...

Such modesty. I think we're all our own trainwrecks, just trying to slip under the radar gracefully. Besides, no one would read your blog if it said "I suck" all the time. Such a downer. Thank you for providing entertainment and happiness on a regular basis. :)

The Lunoff Adventures said...

I love that "Mommy is doing her best, I'm still learning..." I am always fretting over the house not being clean enough, Hannah's clothes not matching, not being the perfect wife, working too many hours away from home and trying to balance career/Mom/wife/friend. I could learn a lot from you Mollie. Thanks for your candor and honesty. It's nice to hear we're all still learning. (and I love being in the midst of other smart women still learning)

Elizabeth Phillips said...

Don't forget that I also believe your children only eat healthy food.

mollie said...

oh ej i have taco bueno receipts to disprove that theory

Katie said...

My aunt thinks that I am 'well-rounded' and she'd like the life I lead or so she told my cousin. I told my cousin that if my aunt wants to break down in tears at work, have high blood pressure and run around like a crazy woman trying to balance work and kid, she's more than welcome to it! :) Everyone's perception of us seems to be different than what we see in ourselves. We're all human and we're all learning this motherhood thing as we go.