so a few months ago we did the great pacifier fairy event and lily's pacifiers all went away. a few successful weeks passed and i breathed a sigh of relief. then the crying started.

a few weeks of crying herself to sleep later, we resurrected the pacifier and all was peaceful again. she has since moved into a 'big' bed and gotten potty trained and the only remnant of her baby self (other than ever present blankie) is that darn pacifier.

i honestly haven't been too worried about it and i figure when she's ready she'll give it up. she uses is to sleep and is a fabulous sleeper, so i'll just count my blessings and let it go, right?

well after her nap today she announced she wanted to give her pacifiers to ruby and tess so that they wouldn't cry anymore. i dont want to jinx anything but lily went to bed sweetly and soundly without her pacifier tonight.

of course that was after i laid in bed with her and told her 'lily you are really wonderful'. to which she responded 'i AM!!!!!' and threw her arms in the air. something tells me she doesn't have any self esteem issues.


Anonymous said...

aww, wanting to give her pacifiers to ruby and tess... that is so darn sweet!!

Elizabeth Phillips said...

She either really loves her cousins or REALLY wants them to be quiet. Perhaps a little of both?