the pukes. we had 'em. it was NOT pretty. first came kevin, a day passed and i naively thought we were in the clear. then it got us. oh how the mighty have fallen.

nothing makes you NOT miss college days more than a night spent on a bathroom floor in a haze of heaving repeating to yourself 'this cannot last forever. it has to end at some point'. am i right?

so i start today on little sleep, home with three little ones who each have different needs, walking in circles with the baby in her room willing her to sleep for her first nap while praying something to the affect of 'really, God? surely we had bigger plans for my life?'

i need an attitude adjustment and that typically comes in a warm cup of coffee, however my trip to the pantry this morning yielded nothing of the sort. lily saw my dismay and patted my hand and said 'its okay mommy, you can have water for breakfast'. oh sweet lily, thanks for trying to make me feel better.

i realize this has turned into mostly a pity party. i just feel lately like my priorities and perspective are just off. and i don't know what will change that. for now i will have to be thankful for my family, our cozy shelter on a rainy day, and somehow figure out how to get my three to the grocery store for caffeine.


Stephanie said...

I hope you start feeling better. I felt crummy last week and yesterday we had a date day minus the baby. For a few hours I got to focus on myself and being in a couple and it felt so good. Today I find myself more patient with my daughter and more eager to be with her. For as much as we love our lives and everything and everyone in it, sometimes we just need a break from that life to recharge and rethink and remember how truly grateful we should be.

lauramusachio said...

You need to find a drive-thru starbucks... Hope tomorrow is sunny and that you are all feeling better!

jenny said...

mollie - i was going to say the same thing about the drive-thru starbucks. i'd drive an extra several miles for one out here. also, as a mother of two little ones, i totally appreciate what you are going through and completely respect the honesty. you are due for an "up week" any day now... i just know it! hang in!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you and your fam! Glad to hear everyone is on the mend at least! I'd say today is a trip to a single serve coffee drive through, then ask the husband or a dear and thoughtful friend for a special delivery stop at the store for coffee for the pantry!

Also, when I was little and it would rain, my sisters and I would whine to our Nana "Will it EVER stop RAINING!?!?" She would answer with a knowing smile "It always has in the past" I repeat that phrase to myself whenever I get a case of the blues.


myrtle said...

I'm sorry you're having such a rotten time right now. You're free to whine and feel sorry for yourself on days like today. This IS God's plan for you right now. But please remember that some people would give anything in the world to be in your shoes.