three year olds. can't live with 'em, can't give em away.

we were late to the 'terrible threes' game. heck, i don't think we even really hit the 'terrible twos' to be perfectly honest. really in the scheme of things lily is still an easy kid, but her new found desire to test every. single. boundary. is wearing on me.

what i have realized over and over again as a parent is that the challenges we have with our children are reflections of ourselves. our selfishness. our obstinance. our greed. really, just our brokenness.

i asked lily this morning to have compassion for her sister. after about half a second of calm she started demanding attention and more from me again (to put it in perspective she was crying about my iphone's crummy netflix connection while her sister was sweaty, half asleep, covered in urine, had just been catheterized twice, pricked for a blood test, and given an antibiotic shot). i nearly lost it. i won't lie. i was a degree away from my boiling point and then i saw it. me. in her.

how many times should my heart be breaking for someone and instead i am concerned only with myself? what unjust stories or situations do i encounter only to moments later make life all about ME again rather than justice. if i am disappointed and my patience is running thin, i should really be sad for myself and thankful for redemption.


molly said...

wow. great post. chills. I gather because I find it is true in this household as well.

Bethany S said...

Wow this is beautiful. Thanks for that reminder!!

Emily said...

I agree. Great post.

Kelly C. said...

Yes, yes, yes! It is when we are most upset with our children and ready to "give 'em away" that they need us to draw nearer to them. You have such a gift, the way you are able to explain this!