i'm afraid i just don't get it. when people jokingly warn you about the day your child realizes you are completely un-cool and asks you to drop them off around the corner and thinks your opinion is bunk. i just don't get it because i never went through that phase.

i held my mom's hand in public... in high school. i waited on the steps of school scanning every car with anticipation excited to see her when she picked me up. to this day not much time passes between me putting my head in her lap.

so i will choose to live in denial that my children could ever feel differently of me and be thankful for my mom who showed me that its possible to be both a mother and later a close friend without compromise.

i love you mom! happy mother's day.


Anonymous said...

that made me cry! thank you so much! i have the best oldest child, middle child, and baby in the world! love you so much! mom

Elizabeth Phillips said...

I think it's because your mom is cool. And you're cool too. And so am I. So I think we're good...(fingers crossed)