dear genevieve,

you are two. the last twenty four months of my life have been spent reveling in you. you are generous with your love, live life to the fullest, and are my wonderful girl.

you are pure sweetness to the core, but laced with a devilish obstinance that is sure to surface more and more in the coming year. when you climb into my lap to cuddle my heart leaps. i can't get enough of your affection. you hold my face in your hands before you kiss me and it makes me melt a little each time.

you are smart as a whip and adore your sisters. the way you live life with gusto is enviable and reminds me to throw caution to the wind a bit more often. you go with the flow- a trait that is more appreciated by this crazed mom than you may ever know. this year you went from being the one that shook things up at our house to my stable rock i could count on amidst the chaos.

you are a messy messy eater and laugh as you put a single raspberry on each finger before yelling out 'razz hands!'. you repeat everything I say- even when I say 'echo!' which tends to make others laugh.

your favorite things are your mimi (bunny blanket), juice & oatmeal, cakes of any sort, and being loved. i am one lucky mama to have you in my life.

happy birthday sweetness.


Anonymous said...

very cute mol :) she is one lucky girl to have a mama like you.

Anonymous said...

perfect comments. i love her! gaga

Emily said...

Such a wonderful, heartfelt letter! She will treasure this.

Bethany said...

Aww..Love that picture of her. She is totally precious. You can totally see her personality in that picture.

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday Eve!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

Beautiful! And a beautiful picture.

It cracks me up when you describe your children's temperaments because they match my own kids' for each one.

Melissa said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful photo. She's gorgeous. Happy Birthday sweet Eve.