i am feeling intensely and directly blessed. kevin and i were talking the other day and i cautiously said to him that i feel really happy. i'm not talking about joy. i'm talking about happiness. meaning it has everything to do with circumstances and it is really amazing.

we have found a real church home. we have been lucky enough to find not only friends, but community within that church home. people that care about each other, choose to connect every single week to support each other, and have a fabulous time laughing about life together.

there is something amazing about that. it means that when the storms do come and the happiness isn't hanging around our house, there are people who have chosen to invest themselves in our family and will be there for us and with us. people who love my kids. people who pray for my husband.

i have noticed lately that annie is at a bit of a loss when her crazy sisters aren't around. she is a social being. her days are filled with their laughter and tears and in the absence of those sounds, she isn't really sure what to do with herself. that was me- i had two crazy siblings very close in age running circles around me while i learned to crawl. i had a sister dragging me from room to room before i could walk to change my clothes.

my mom tells stories of me reaching my arms up to her, my eyes begging for some peace and quiet. she used to put me in my crib with the radio on and i was content to lay and listen. it was my break from the chaos. i still need those quiet alone moments, but like annie i need the companionship of community to really thrive.

i feel so blessed to have found just that in our little area of south austin. i am thankful.

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