i'm not a sports watcher. it would be a stretch to say that i have even really watched sports in the past few years. i watched bits and pieces of a few rangers games and watched some of the NBA playoffs last year. we watch next to no professional football. if asked i probably will have no idea who is playing in the super bowl and i don't care enough about commercials to watch for their sake. i often joke that if it weren't for facebook updates, i would have no idea when games are being played.

on the other hand, i love playing sports. we were pretty serious about it when i was a kid. i played pretty much any sport i was half interested in, and some i wasn't interested in at all. (my mom loves to reenact me as a 4 year old running down the soccer field feigning a stitch in my side trying to get the coach to take me out of the game). intramurals in college are still some of my favorite memories of all time.

every once in a while i start to wonder why i don't watch more sports... then i am reminded. i sat down this past weekend to watch the baylor v ou game at my parents' house. (they are definitely sports fans. my mom still checks in the paper every saturday to see if my old high school won their friday night football game).

within an hour i was anxious, screaming at the tv, convinced the bears were going to let me down like they have 4 gazillion times in the past. at one point i yelled so loud i was worried i might have woken up all 3 girls. then it hit me- this is why i don't watch sports. i can't handle it! i get WAY too invested and i am a terrible loser. so really i'm just saving myself and my family the trouble of having to deal with the insanity that would be me as a sports fan.

i will say, that was a great game and what a treat to get to see those boys so so proud of themselves after the win. i'm sure i'll get over my sports issues by the time the girls are in high school... right?

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klp said...

now you know and understand my pain. the love of sports is completely and totally addicting. :)