lily and i had a conversation at bedtime that went a little something like this...
i'm writing it down because i never want to forget these moments.

me: lily do you know why we celebrate christmas?
lily: because its happy!
me: what is happy?
lily: its happy birthday to jesus!
me: that's right!! its jesus' birthday! do you know why i think jesus' birthday is so important to celebrate?
lily: because it is happy?
me: it is! it is happy. do you know why jesus is so special to me?
lily: because he is good.
me: yes, he is good. he was an amazing teacher.
lily: he taught us to be nice and not lie.
me: you're right! he sure did. he was God's son. do you know why he was born?
lily: noooooo
me: because God wants to be close to you. and sometimes we do things like lie or don't share and jesus came to help us be close to God even when we aren't good.
lily: i was good today! i shared!
me: you sure did! you did a great job of sharing today. you were very nice.
lily: sharks aren't nice.
me: you're right, sharks aren't always nice.
lily: can we never go to the beach again? what if a shark eats me?
me: i will do my best to not let a shark eat you.
lily: can we pray now? let's tell jesus happy almost birthday.
me: yes. we can pray now. i love you lily. more than you'll ever know. let's pray.


Lisa said...

Too cute!! I'm impressed! You had her with you for most of the conversation. :)

klp said...

" i love you lily. more than you'll ever know. "

until she has kids of her own. :) its amazing to finally start to understand that love of our own mothers, isn't it?! this was so sweet. thanks for sharing.