30 days of thankfulness is complete. for posterity, here was the list :)

#30- i am thankful for the past month of focusing on gratitude and now i'm ready to celebrate jesus' birth!

#29- i am thankful that my girls and i apologize to each other. they know mommy isn't perfect and when i apologize to them, i'm thankful they always say 'mommy i forgive you'

#28- i'm thankful for christmas music that helps me get in the holiday mood when its a balmy 74 degrees outside

#27- i'm thankful for my in-laws. they are wonderful loving people that enjoy the heck out of my kids (and vice versa)

#26- i'm thankful for my kids' preschool. they love their teachers, i love two mornings a week to get things accomplished!

#25- i'm thankful for my family- my parents, my sister and brother and all they entail. what a blessing it has been to be a donovan.

#24- i'm thankful for fabulous pre-made thanksgiving foods that save me from slaving in the kitchen all day when only one of the 5 of us cares much for turkey.

#23- i'm thankful to be at a point physically where i look in the mirror and see a familiar person looking back at me.

#22- i'm thankful for the simplicity and intricacy of a child's mind. explaining something complicated to a child is a difficult and wonderful thing.

#21- i'm thankful i went to baylor and met the great friends that i have been so lucky to know for the past 15 years

#20- i'm thankful for austin new church. i really can't believe how lucky we are to be a part of something inspirational that is changing lives- including mine.

#19- i am thankful for cozy beds and a good night's sleep

#18- i am thankful for music and how it transports you. especially thankful right now for the holiday variety- i can't wait for a month of nostalgic christmas tunes!

#17- i am thankful for access to healthy, fresh, affordable food. our family eats such great vegetarian variety and we consider ourselves lucky.

#16- i am thankful for our amazing teachers at mother's day out preschool. seeing amazing teachers loving your kids and your kids so excited about school days is a blessing.

#15- i am thankful for parents that made my childhood so special and now dote on their grandkids

#14- i am thankful for the look of excitement on lily's face when i told her i will be helping in her class for the thanksgiving feast

#13- i am thankful that the hardest parts of being a parent serve to only make me stronger, more aware, and more compassionate. in hindsight, of course ;)

#12- i am thankful for my husband. i know i already said this earlier in the week but i am. its worth saying twice.

#11- i am thankful for late night calls from familiar voices

#10- i am thankful for neighbors that enjoy really living life together!

#9- i am thankful for my girls' cousins. i didn't get to grow up being super close to my extended family and watching their love of their cousins grow is such a joy.

#8- i am more thankful than i can say for the partnership of my amazing husband. the way he supports me, cheers me on, and loves me changes my life on a daily basis.

#7- i am thankful for the way little minds think. they make me laugh more times a day than i can count.

#6- i am thankful for nyquil. the stuffy head, i'm so freaking tired and this cough is keeping me awake medicine.

#5- i am thankful that my kids show me the best of who i am and the worst of who i am. it is humbling and inspiring all at once.

#4- i am thankful for the childcare workers at our gym. they have known my kids for 4 years and i cherish my active time knowing my littles are well looked after.

#3- i am thankful that just when i think i know what to expect, there is a bend in the road and life changes again. it keeps me on my toes and on my knees.

#2- i am thankful for moments of quiet. the less often they happen, the more precious they become.

#1- i am thankful for the cold air in my lungs waking me up during my morning run

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