the holidays are upon us and everything that drives me crazy internally all year long seems to come to a head during the month of december. my pastor's wife wrote a blog post about their approach to the holidays i found particularly inspiring and centered me on the issue.

and what strikes me about the approach is- it is an approach to life. year round. its not a special month of giving or a certain time of year to get involved in service. it is a lifestyle because that is who and what we are called to be.

this year i'm hoping to find little ways to change. small steps in the right direction. i honestly wanted to take a giant leap a few weeks ago but got paralyzed by the thoughts of the eye rolls when we told family we won't be doing gifts or the internal conflict of wanting my own traditions regardless of whether or not they really celebrate christ.

next year prepare yourself to give me a giant eye roll and i will prepare myself to not care what anyone else thinks.


Teresa said...

That's a fantastic blog. Thank you for sharing.
You'd be helping out the eye-rollers. Galatians 6:1

Marie said...

Thank you for sharing that blog link. What a fantastic post and some great ideas!

Janel G. said...

thank you for sharing that blog post - inspiring. and i took that 'how many slaves work for me' and yikes, felt like a giant b!tch-slap. 'hangs head in shame'

Jennifer R. said...

thanks so much for passing on the blog post. she brings up so many interesting points.