the gluttony of the past week and a half. i have no words to describe it. tonight i topped it off with queso (and guac) and ravioli with gorgonzola and walnuts covered in chipotle cream sauce accompanied by two frozen margaritas with salt*... i have left nothing on the table. i am spent. my body is already feeling sorry for these choices.

and yet my challenge starts in just 2 days. SEVEN. 7 foods for a month.

almond milk
reducing one area of my life (food) to make room for another. it is ON. let's see what happens.

and of course there is a bottle of prosecco chilling in the fridge for celebrating 2012 before any of this actually begins :)

* i had a designated driver, thanks ALI! :)

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klp said...

i'm intrigued...just read the amazon description on this book. can the seven things include the elf basic food groups? candy canes, candy corns...haha. seriously, looks like an amazing deal. keep me posted.