i can't make this stuff up, y'all.

i just turned the corner into our playroom and this is the sight i see:

yes that is mary (lily) and joseph (eve) and baby jesus (dora). after i took this and laughed pretty hard about it, they showed me their entrance to bethlehem on a donkey (rocking horse). in their version they mostly stumbled upon a baby and named it jesus. anyone want to school lily on childbirth? haha

lily is also talking in pseudo 'bible' talk saying things like 'and there were no toys in the inn for the baby to play with. and some were broughten to him by the three kings and all was perfect.' then her story really jumps the shark with a little 'and there were no cupcakes and the animals in the manger shared their cupcakes to celebrate the birthday'. goodness i love these girls.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! it really made my day to read this! oh to be so innocent again!