i am finishing up the year sick as a dog but the good news is, i actually finished up organizing my personal pictures from 2011! i uploaded the few pictures i took on christmas and our trip up to dallas to visit family.

here is our tree anxiously awaiting the little ones. each had three presents waiting for her!

i felt a little intimidated by the pictures on facebook of trees dwarfed by their stacks of presents but we stuck to our guns and the girls each got a scooter, a doll and a new pair of shoes! of course when we went to dallas the presents got a little out of control, but we are taking baby steps :)

you can see more of the pictures from our celebrations HERE


Anonymous said...

I love that you are focusing the real meaning of Christmas and you are inspiring me to do the same. Can I ask how you handled all of the gifts for everyone else - cousins, parents, co-workers?

mollie said...

we did smaller than usual gift for nieces and nephews. i got all the girls toms and told them about another child getting a pair of shoes too!

we also got our siblings and parents gift cards to kiva.org to use as a family.

like i said- just baby steps so far! :) hopefully we can take it a little farther in the future. i'd really like us to give the gift of a shared experience (ie. make plans to go do something together)

Eileen said...

We did the same this year! We did two small gifts in the stocking and one under the tree. My three little ones were beside themselves with joy and focus remained where it should. They also loved dropping off gifts at our local hospital peds floor. I now have inspired friends to follow suit. Not only am I not swamped with bills, but we aren't bursting at the seams with excess and are teaching our kids to fill themselves up with something much more meaningful!