i'm pretty sure i'm not funny anymore. lately all my posts seem pretty serious and people stop commenting and interacting when you're not making them laugh.

well i can promise you we laugh a lot around here. heck if we weren't laughing we'd be crying, right? kevin commented in bed last night as we watched the ball drop (in new york. we were both well on our way to dreamland before it was midnight in our time zone) that 2011 was the hardest year he has ever experienced. with a newborn and the struggles of a newly born business, we both just did our best to keep afloat. it wasn't always easy.

in 2011 i yelled more than i wanted to, i wasted too much time, i squandered far too many precious moments worrying about something else. my youngest baby is a toddler now, her first year is behind her.

i'm not much of a resolutions girl. in fact i regularly lament from january to march about resolution gym-goers and how they take my spot in class just to disappear in a few weeks. bah-humbug much?! this year my resolutions are short but a tall order.

be intentional.

that's it. do things for a reason. let other things fall away. find joy where i am.

happy 2012 to you and yours. may this be the best year any of us could imagine.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I enjoy all your posts (serious, thoughtful and funny) but w/ my personal limits on my computer time - I am stuck with no time to comment usually. But on the first day of 2012, I am slacking during nap, enjoying blood oranges and almonds (my favorite snack) and wishing all of my favorite bloggers well!
Those sound like good resolutions. Good luck :)