needles and i have a checkered past. and not in the 'illegal drug use' kind of way. i haven't had a shot of any kind since i was 13. it sticks out in my mind clear as day.

in 7th grade a classmate showed up at school with measles, which meant everyone (yes all of us) had to get an MMR booster. well they set up all the nurses on the school auditorium stage and all of the classes sat in the theater seats until it was our turn and we walked across the stage like cattle waiting for our shot. at first i tried getting at the back of the line a few times. when it became clear i was still going to eventually make it to the front, i threw my permission slip in the trash.

my mom saw right through my 'lost' permission slip shenanigans and had to bring me back up after school to get my shot. i sat on her lap and cried like a baby while it was administered. i remember her exasperation with me very clearly and all i could think was 'see THIS is what i didn't want my classmates to see!'

so you see, i've never had a flu shot. i am not immune to chicken pox and instead of getting that vaccine i keep getting pregnant (because if you're pregnant you can't get the shot). and i even have all 4 wisdom teeth still.

cue yesterdays' appointment at the travel clinic for our trip to haiti. maybe the sweetest nurse in town works at the travel clinic- she was equal parts kind and encouraging and having kevin with me was nice as well. the 4 shots truly didn't even hurt on their way in. my arm afterwards is another story...

the nurse told us to be active- movement will help lessen the soreness. she even mentioned lifting weights. well i took that to mean kickboxing was fair game. i may have overshot. i showed up today and after just 30 minutes of looking like perhaps i didn't have full control over the use of my left arm, i gave up and packed it in.

hopefully tomorrow my arm will be back in business. and i will continue to block out the fact that i still have to go back for a 2nd hepatitis and chicken pox shot in a few months.


erin said...

and need to get your wisdom teeth out

Jenny said...

haha mollie! hope your feeling better by tomorrow! this made me laugh, thanks! :)