sorry if things have seemed heavy around here lately. i probably should have inserted a story or two with poopy diapers as the protagonist to even things out but honestly my life has seemed heavy lately. lots of things are heavy on my heart.

it is right that my heart should be broken for the the broken things of this world. myself included. but today i took a big deep breath and realized it isn't my problem to solve. i can certainly choose to be part of the solution but it is not MY problem. i see that being a part of the blessing of reconciliation is a gift and i can choose to participate and be doubly blessed in the process.

God's blessings are abundant and i am called to share, give, serve, love and pray. believe.

whew. it may seem so simple to you, but to me it is a weight off my shoulders.


Teresa said...

Good for you.

Candice said...

You don't have to apologize! It's your blog...about your life...and obviously this season of your life is very reflective. Good for you!! Happy New Year!

Ali Foley Shenk said...

no reason to apologize at all. The world can be heavy sometimes! As you know, it's not our home. :)