home buying and selling is such a rollercoaster. i'm in it for the ride and trying not to white-knuckle my way through this and instead throw up my hands and see what happens :)

in the meantime, if you know anyone buying in south austin, i really can't say enough amazing things about our neighbors and the awesome park and our cozy home :)


we had 12 showings this weekend, one contract that fell through and i'm starting monday hopeful but realistic :) if we don't have a buyer in the next few days we will likely have to pull it from the market until after our haiti trip (which was our plan in the first place before we fell for a house we'd love to buy now... but its not in our hands at this point!)


Anonymous said...

Holy Bananas, your house is gorgeous. Too bad I live in Maine. That said, I clicked on the link b/c my cousin works for Dell in Austin and is looking for a house with his new wife. I'm forwarding him the link!

-Kerrin G (internet random who finds inspiration from your photography and this blog too!)

mollie said...

haha- thanks!! we are pretty far from Dell (opposite end of town) but i appreciate it!! :)

christa said...

Good Luck with the house- hope it sells quickly for you. Its gorgeous, you should have no problem;) Question where did you get the blue ruffle shower curtain? I love it!

Sarahbaby said...

What a beautiful home! We are in the midst of looking for a new house and I'm obsessed with Real Estate. What color green is your kitchen? I am looking for a bright cheery color for our playroom and this would be perfect! Best of luck selling your home

mollie said...

thanks all :)

sarah- the kitchen is sherwin williams 'recycled glass'