good gracious. just when i was getting over the fact that the neighborhood i live in is possibly killing my favorite place in the world (barton springs), a friend sends me THIS link.

i'll save you the trouble and copy and paste the description of a show taped by ABC in 2005 that never aired (thank goodness).

"Welcome to the Neighborhood"

Welcome to the Neighborhood is an American reality television series produced in 2005 by ABC that was notable for the amount of controversy it garnered before it was aired. It subsequently became one of the few American TV series to be cancelled before airing a single episode.

The show was a contest to win a lush dream home in an exclusive cul-de-sac in Circle C Ranch in Austin, Texas. The catch is that the local families decide who will win, and while they are all conservative, white, upper-class Christians, all the contestants are not.

.... yikes. perhaps we should widen our home search :)

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Elizabeth Phillips said...

There are lots of homes for sale in my neighborhood. Kevin can telecommute, right?