i'm having a thankful day. i started the day with an update from a friend whose little one year-old was in the hospital last night due to dehydration. i was already starting off thinking of how lucky we are to live in a country where we have access to such amazing resources. discussions of the messed up nature of our healthcare system aside, if my kids are in major trouble, there are doctors with clean buildings full of modern medicine just a few minutes away. that is pretty amazing.

then our housekeeper showed up. oh maria how i love you, let me count the ways. she has been cleaning our house for nearly 4 years and we appreciate her so much. as soon as we said hello she told me in the most excited voice about how she filled out her citizenship paperwork this weekend. there were volunteers at a local high school helping her through the process and she had a huge smile on her face telling me about it.

what an exciting prospect for her. i have thought about it all day. we are just really really lucky.

kevin and i are leaving on friday for our week voluteering in haiti. i am most looking forward to spending time with the orphans that our church sponsors and giving our 11 year old michel, who we have been sponsoring since she was 8, a big big hug.

i have a feeling we will return feeling even luckier than ever.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the honesty you put out there in your blog, and all the positive messages. I have followed it for a while (since The Bump) and I really enjoy reading it. It sounds so silly, but it really does inspire me (as a mom, to get my butt back in shape, and just to strive to be a good person). Thank you!

Anonymous said...

you brought tears to my eyes with this one, pumpkin! love you, mom

Candice said...

Have a wonderful trip!!