things in life are so rarely black and white. no matter how much easier it would be if they were- they aren't. so anytime i come across anyone who is 100% for or against something i will admit i give them a bit of a raised eyebrow. surely there is some gray area in there somewhere.

i realize we often have to sweep the gray under the rug to move forward with conviction and consensus, but you can at least admit the gray exists.

i am proud to say that i have facebook 'friends' on both sides of pretty much every political spectrum and issue. i have the (un)lucky position of seeing my conservative friends high five each other while my liberal friends lament a policy change and vice versa. i'm sure this does not make me unique but being someone who often sits in the middle, i am sometimes surprised by whose responses rub me the wrong way.

in a somewhat similar light, i picked up a copy of 'when helping hurts' last night. we leave for haiti in just 7 days and i feel incredibly unprepared. reading this is a sobering realization that 'doing good' doesn't always fare so well for those left behind. again, it isn't black and white. there is a lot of gray.

at least on facebook i can 'hide' a feed that puts opinions in my face that i would rather not see. i have a feeling what we see in haiti will stay in the forefronts of our minds for a long time to come.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the "gray" part. I both admire and shake my head at people who are so steadfast in their black and white views on the world. To be so very sure of one's self and ideas is something I envy...but to be so closed to another perspective scares me too.

I think your trip to Haiti is so brave. Safe travels!!