moon. where do i even begin? my siblings and i have been emailing this afternoon with classic lines my dad used to ALWAYS say to us as kids. these include but are not limited to:

'now say that back to me, what did i just tell you'
'i don't know isn't an answer. you DO know'
'look at me when i'm talking to you'
'just so we're clear let me say that back to you so that i understand what you're saying'
and so so many more.

despite his somewhat *achem* unorthodox parenting skills, we really are three very lucky kids. one of the things that stands out most about my dad is the way he loves my mom. you'd be hard pressed to find two people that are more different but so compatible at the same time. i remember his notes on her bathroom counter in the morning (always on index cards) and the way he made sure respecting her was our #1 priority as a family.

i can't wait until the day my kids torture me over email with all the ridiculous lines they tired of hearing as kids. because that will mean i did a pretty good job or they were at least listening at some point.

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erin t said...

couldn't agree more.