i had the lucky pleasure of taking all three girls to one of eve's doctor appointments yesterday.  we were there for nearly three hours.  as i said on facebook, i don't really consider myself an emotional eater until i'm locked in a 8x8 room with my girls for that length of time.  then i'm ready to order a pizza.

when we arrived at the second of the two doctor offices, there was a bell on the counter to draw the receptionist's attention.  annie saw the bell and it was ON.  'ooooh!  bell!!!!!'  i immediately told her, 'no annie.  no bell.'

she looked at me, deadpan.  then in her shrill 2-year old voice she shouted at the top of her lungs...'DING!!!!!!  i'm a bell!   DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

life with annie can be hard to describe.  there are so many moments like this when i really really want to keep a straight face but it is nearly impossible.  we have called her 'tank' since she was old enough to crawl and we saw how she plows down life, undeterred by pretty much... well.... anything.  something in her path?  no worries.  she's 'tank'.

as she has gotten older her spunky style has certainly not waned.  she's the girl that yells 'DING!' when told not to ring a bell.


Candice said...

I must say, that is very creative! :)

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to love her enthusiasm! GaGa

Lisa said...

That is so cute! Willa is proving to "plow through life" too - must be a third sister thing. :)